Hello, my name is Regina, glad you could join me.

Please  grab a coffee, tea, or sod, sit back, relax and check things out.  Come back often as I will be posting pics of my new, quilts, aprons, embroidery designs, and recipes on this blog.

Some of you are familiar with me from my previous website and the “Smiles for children project”, where I digitized a lot of Tic Tac Toe Boards, Paper Dolls and other things.

Well, I’ve decided to do a blog, in lieu of an actual web site.

I’ve been out of pocket for about 3-4 years (it doesn’t seem that long), due to me taking care of my Mother who suffered from Alzheimer/Dementia.  It was too much talking care of her, and doing a “little” quilting, so it didn’t leave much time for digitizing.  My Mom passed away in January 2012, and I’m getting back in the swing of things and getting going again.

When you see a design set you would like, you can either send  an E-mail to   and I can sent you a request for payment or send me a paypal payment to  Either way, please let me know  Your name, paypal account name and/or e-mail you use for PP, the name of the design(s) and the format you require.  I can only accept payment via paypal right now.    I will TRY to get your designs to you within 24 hrs.

I’m going to take this slowly.  So please bear with me till I can get my feet on the ground and back up and running.  I do quilting and I digitize embroidery designs.  I own two Babylock embroidery machines and I love to coming my quilting with my embroidery.  I have been quilting for 10-12 years now and love it.  If you would like to order a quilt, you can send me an e-mail saying what you are looking for to




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